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Alienware Aurora is essentially an exhibition situated very good quality strong gaming work area that accompanies loads of equipment for running most realistic applications and weighty games. It tends to be designed to suit you figuring inclinations and necessities and when you remove it from the case, you will track down most ufa เว็บหลัก exceptional PC on the planet. It includes an outsider head like plan and like very good quality ALX model; the Aurora accompanies double realistic cards in SLI arrangement. You can find heaps of PC surveys in various sites, however this audit gives you definite data about Aurora that it accompanies metal and plastic case. Under the garish inside, there is a double hard drive, NEC double DVD copier and floppy drive. It includes a double 256MB GeForce 7800 GTX Designs card and Innovative Sound Audigy 2 ZS sound card. There is adequate of space for associating outer gadgets with four USB ports at the front, four at the back, two Ethernet ports and double FireWire ports.

The Alienware Aurora accompanies double center 64×2 4800 + computer chip Athlon running at 1GB of Corsair 400MHz DDR3 SDRAM and 80GB of hard drive. The presentation of Aurora is sufficient like different rivals in the market like Speed Miniature Gamer’s Edge DualX and Overdrive PC Force SLI. In Photoshop test, the Aurora is sixteen percent quicker when contrasted with ABS Extreme X8 with its 3.2GHz double center Intel Pentium Outrageous Release 840. In MP3 encoding, the Aurora is 48% quicker than Speed Miniature model which is known to be the quickest double center PC. The Alienware Aurora gives wide assortment of CRT and LCD screen choices with speakers from Logitech, Imaginative and Klipsch. It is outfitted with Nero Express and PowerDVD and AlineGUIse which is a product application that permits you to look for windows work area with Alienware themed varieties and designs.

The Alienware Aurora gives driving edge of execution and a program that permits you to buy new parts for your framework. The Aurora accompanies highlights like Windows SP2 XP Proficient, worked in Nvidia Nforce Strike class regulator, Athlon 2.4GHz AMD 64 X 2 4800 or more, double Hitachi HDS728080PLA380 80GB 7,200rpm Sequential ATA, Nvidia Nforce 4 SLI arrangement chipset, 256MB (2) Nvidia GeForce 7800 GTX and 1,024MB DDR SDRAM 400MHz. The Aurora is an extraordinary PC and is a gamers dream. The water cooling highlight is utilized for keeping up with the temperature while running peaceful and cool Drove lights can be stopped, assuming you are slanted. It is fundamentally a noteworthy piece of PC and innovation that addresses another face for Dell and Alienware by giving unmistakable style when contrasted with past models. There are heaps of choices accessible so you can undoubtedly redesign with very good quality parts without utilizing a screwdriver. There are not many issues, for example, the water cooling and dynamic venting arrangement as well as extravagance mouse and console. Generally speaking the Aurora is planned and worked to improve it than its ancestors and for giving awesome gaming experience and execution.